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There was one in a shop in my area with a price tag of $600. That particular shop is generally on the high edge of what I would consider a normal price. I was interested and handled it a couple of times, but wound up passing on it.

The nature of the finish on the Inox pistols is a factor. Older ones had a silver anodized finish that is well thought of. They then went through a phase during which the silver finish was painted on and seemed to be easily scuffed, with a yellow anodized layer beneath. A year or so ago, they made some improvement in the painted-on finish that seems to have improved its durability. Presumably you want an Inox for its looks, so be wary of the soft painted-on finish. Check some wear areas and see if that yellow metal is showing through. One area where I have seen a lot of damage to that finish is beneath the take-down lever, although operator technique is also a factor in that. If you are lucky enough to be looking at one with the silver anodized finish, I would personally consider it to be more valuable than otherwise.
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