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"If I go up to a 200 yard zero, will I have issues with <100yd shots?"

Not really. First off, my bullet choice in the 30-06 has been the 180 gr. Sierra Pro-Hunter for deer and the 180 gr. Nosler Partition for elk. My normal sight in fo the 30-06 is 3" high at 100 yards. When I first started using a 30-06, a very long time ago (1956) I used a 150 gr. bullet, the Sierra to be exact. I forget the load but it was with milsurp 4895 from Hodgden. I sighted in 3" high as recommended by Warren Page and Jack O'Connor and hunted with great success. Along about 1972, I got tired of the 150 gr. bullets mangling so much good eating meat and switched to the 180 gr. Sierra. I liked the end results much better. In 1973, I went to a fairly lightweight Remington 660 in .308 as the 9.5 pound 1903 bubba'd sporter I iused for years was jusy way too heavy at 9,500 feet MSL for this old chain smoker. (FWIW, I quit in 1975)
Even in the .308 the 150 gr. bullets messed up too much meat and I later went to the 165 gr. Speer Hot Core.
When I think of the many deer I took with the 150 gr. bullet though, at ranges from 6 feet witnessed to 427 paces most with the 06 but the two exrtremes were with the .308 sighted in 3" high at 100 yards with 150 gr. bullets. Once I went to the .308, the 30-06 more or less has been on an extended vacation. I did try some load work up with the 165 gr. Speer and Sierra Game Kings but the two rifles didn't like either bullet.
With my rifle (30-06) sighted in 3" high at 100 yards, I can hold to the center of a deer's chest and make a killing shot to 250 yards. If the deer is farther out, I can hold to the upper third of the chest and be good at 300. Hold even with the the top of the deer's back and a 400 yard shot is not all that hard. It did tale a bit of range practice to determine where to hold at the various ranges but that's what's worked for me for a very long time.
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