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Can you quickly and repeatedly clear a malfunction with your semi-auto, without thinking about it?

If not, your assumption of 27 or 28 rounds may become two rounds...or one.

That is a concern that helps many people make up their minds.

Unfortunately, the mere presence of many available rounds seems to have a negative affect on some peoples' mindset...witness the recent NYPD shooting where approx 16 rounds were fired by two cops, and nine rounds hit innocent bystanders.

Not to say this should be a concern for you, but it is something to consider. IMHO, you should carry what you shoot well, and what you are very confident in...number of rounds notwithstanding.

My EDC is either an 8+1 1911 or a 6+0 revolver. I have owned pistols with nearly double that capacity, but I did not shoot them as well, or could not carry/conceal them as comfortably.

Best regards, Rich

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