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I am a new member today

Hi everyone. I follow Rob Pincus on FB and found you through a link he gave there today. I am a 60+ year old woman and I have loved guns and shooting from the time I met my husband 48 yeas ago-his family were avid hunters and he became a great trap shooter in his early years. I am a 20 gauge shotgun gal-and have a Remington 870 pump and a Winchester 20 gauge pump which I have had for over 30 years-both youth models that fit me like they were custom made for me. I have shot many handguns but around the farm and for home defense I have my 20's always ready. With the times what they are and because my husband is disabled and on strong pain meds I have decided it is time for me to CC a pistol for self defense. As of January of 2012 I am forced to go into the pharmacy and show my ID to pick up his medication. Now it doesn't take a fool to know that showing your ID means you are purchasing a controlled substance. So now any criminal types hanging around know that I am picking up controlled substance meds and going to the parking lot and getting into my vehicle alone. I am now in the midst of instruction for CC and I am learning EVERYTHING that I can about revolvers and pistols. I have an SP101 with a 2.25 inch barrel that I am very comfortable shooting and have a Ruger SR9c on the way. I have determined that I will NEVER be forced into a vehicle-including my own. I just will not-I would rather die fighting it out with a criminal and die trying-than to end up like Channon Christian. Having a weapon will at least give me an even chance ;-) I am looking forward to learning good things here!
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