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I have run a couple thousand of the Berry's 9mm 124gr HBRNTP (hollow base round nose thick plated) bullets through my Beretta 92FS with no problems. Like you, I couldn't find much info about these so I started from scratch and here is what I found works for me.

I found that an COAL of 1.150 works great in this bullet profile in my weapon. It passes the barrel "plunk" test and dummy rounds manually cycle through great.

Before I got my chrony I use middle of the road loads for the powder (just enough to get the slide to cycle) and couldn't get any accuracy at all. I was afraid of stripping the plating so I keep it well below any type of maximum (i'm sure I was way on the low side).

After I got my chrony I started running the load up, watching for pressure signs along the way and found that at 4.3 grs of Bullseye, my groups tightened up great and I was running around 1150 fps. Berry states that you can run their "normal" plated bullets up to 1200fps and their "thick" plated bullets up to 1450fps. I know this load is higher than what you found as max but I am also using a hollow based bullet at a longer seating length.

Anyway I guess what it all comes down to is you are going to have to test and run up your own loads to see how they react to your individual weapon. What I use or what anybody else uses won't necessarily work for you. Just start low and be safe. Read all you can, ask questions from all these smart reloaders on here, and make sure you know what the signs of over pressure are.

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