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Depends how much you practice with your guns

As Kreyzhorse said being familiar with your firearms is key. To accomplish this you must practice and I fear that too many of us with guns in the house do not practice enough.
What I was told in the firearms safety course I took for my CCL was if you are not willing to go out and practice with a handgun at least once a month then forget about semi-auto, go with a revolver instead. Their reasoning was there is complicated vs. simple with the revolver being the pretty much foolproof. No safety, no racking the slide, no stovepiping and clearing of the stovepiping to be proficient at.
I do go out and practice every few weeks so I am comfortable with my 9mm Stoeger Cougar for a house gun. My wife rarely practices so she has a 38spl Taurus revolver in our quick access safe.
When I conceal carry I have opted to go with a Ruger .38spl LCR. For that purpose I want the simplest gun possible, In a split second I want to be able to just draw, point and shoot.
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