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Thanks for the reponses.

I have 8 CZ rimfires (seven 452s and one 513) and only have the trigger kit in one of them. For most of my applications, I prefer the factory trigger - usually set on its lightest weight of pull setting. On my rifles, this lightest setting yields a pull between 2.5 lbs to a little over three pounds. Since the UltraLux pictured above had a 3 lb 2 oz pull out of the box with far less creep than usual, I decided to not tamper with it. And obviously, the action and barrel screw tensions are dang good.

I have two CZ 452 Americans and one of them came used with a Brookes kit in it. It has a light 1 lb pull. I like to shoot silhouette with this light triggered American:

The scope is a Weaver Grand Slam 6-20X40 mounted in Warne 7.3/.22 tipoff rings.

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