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MHO, carry what you are most proficient with.
SRC9 is a striker fired pistol (not a true DA)
and the sp101 is a Hammer fired DA,
so the trigger pull is going to feel completely different.
I only mention that cause that's what you pointed out on the Sp,
but as it was said already it's not the number of shots fired but the number of impacted shot on target.

The thing about a CC weapon and actually having to use it experience Vs a Range or practice experience with any handgun is the factor of stray shots.

"know your target and what's behind it" Sure 27 rounds out the muzzle may sound better than 5 shots out the other but where those shots ended up is MORE IMPORTANT.

Being Accurate and knowing your weapon is key to any encounter with a gun. you should feel confident with which ever you pick, Good luck. hope the info helps.
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