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I'm a woodworker, as I mentioned above, and I have most all of the tools one would need to make a gunstock. But...I'm not going to make a gunstock. I really don't think I could make just one. I'd have to botch a couple of them before I learned enough about what NOT to do before I could actually get it right. Just like what I'm working on right now, which is (in theory) relatively simple, I did mess up some wood before I finally figured out a way to do a certain thing in a better way. So I'd make the first gunstock out of cheap white pine to make sure I was comfortable with the whole detailed process, and then and only then would I take a good looking chunk of wood and start turning it into a gunstock. Good luck to the OP. And buy the absolutely best chisels you can find. You'll need them and they'll need to be super sharp.
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