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Gun Control - Would ANY form benefit us?

As an American I strongly believe that under our constitution we have the right to purchase firearms - and without restrictions.

When I tell people that, the reactions vary. People who believe guns should be banned tell me that I am crazy, people who are gun owners often agree with me - and then there are the people who own a firearm and support some forms of gun control.

"Do you want to make it easier for felon's to obtain firearms"
"What if someone is mentally unstable, should they own firearms?"
"What about age, would you like it for school children to carry a firearm to school in their backpack?"

I always first try to explain that a gun is a tool. It will not do anything you do not tell it to do. Man has created many tools, and all are dangerous when used improperly. I then often reply that a felon is a felon because he does not obey the law, which means he will not obey the laws preventing him ownership of a firearm and will obtain one rather easily on the black market or by stealing one. The mentally handicapped are not exempt from rights under our constitution, and those who are violent will only find other tools or ways to create harm. You can not fully 100% prevent violent crime everywhere, including schools, however I believe students that have been properly educated about and learn to respect firearms will be less likely to use one in anger or retaliation whether they be young children, teenagers, or even those in college.

Those are just my views that I believe in.

Simply put, do you believe that we benefit from some forms of gun control, and if so, why?
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