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I am not sure what you mean about seating deeper it is with in 2.019 in total length. The MOAL in my loading manual is 2.040, I dont know what the minimum loaded depth is. Second I am very new to reloading this is actually my second batch of reloading ever. My first batch was fmj 9mm and they turned out fine, but I used a factory crimping die as the last stage and I was told for revolver ammo you don't need a separate crimping , so that is my main question do I need to buy the 4th die to do the crimping if so which of these would you recommend. This one or option 2. This is the die set I have, do I need to buy the 4th stage or am I capable of doing what you are suggesting with what I have? If I am capable can you please guide me in how I can correct this.

PS I noticed that the brass was dirty as well, future loads will be tumbled longer.
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