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A question for peace of mind

Hello-I am new to the forum. I am a female over 60-nough said I am very new to the world of semi-auto pistols-but I find them fascinating and have ordered an SR9c which I will pick up tomorrow. I am taking instruction for CC here in my home state of DE. I have a very good reason for CC and don't think the judge will turn me down(DE is a discretionary state). My question is this: I have a Ruger sp101 with a 2.25 inch barrel that I can shoot with great comfort and accuracy. I have a Crimson Trace Laser on that-and I can shoot 125 gr. Golden Saber JH with no problem. I am seriously considering that as my CC option. My problem is that I fear if I had to shoot at multiple threats that I could not get off 5 shots because the trigger pull is so hard on that gun. I now think that carrying the SR9c is a better concealed option-because with multiple threats I could probably get 27 rounds shot before I could get 5 off from the SP101. I would love to hear your opinions on this.
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