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As for the plated option: are you not put off by the lack of a cannelure?
I would rather have a bullet I prefer, and have to figure out how to crimp it; than have a bullet I don't really like, just because it's easy to crimp. (Just my approach to the matter.)

The PPU soft point might still suffer from jacket separation, but the larger chunk of lead will help make up for it. It would probably do the job you have in mind, without an issue.

Honestly... I don't really like any of the options, besides the cast bullets. But, I wouldn't pay the price you listed; just as you won't.

Which Midway site do you order through, when you use them? Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK?

Most highly recommend the Cast Performance 255g lead.
Load to 1200--1270fps.
That wouldn't be a bad choice, and they are on sale right now in the U.S. But... I don't even see them listed on most of the international sites. (Even though other Cast Performance bullets are listed.)
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