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Outside the target world (which I know next to nothing about and won't comment) there is little if any need to clean guns after each use. That's centerfires and rimfires. I'm not going to say that cleaning after each use is a bad thing just unnecessary in many cases. I clean my guns when I "think" they need it. I just got done sending 44 rounds downrange thru 3 different guns. Put 100 +/- rounds down range between 2 of those guns a few days ago. Think I cleaned em? Heck no. A squirt or 2 of RemOil and a good whip down and they're good to go. I may occasionally run an oiled patch thru them but generally go a handful of range sessions or more before I actually clean em. Now as you can see my range sessions are short. If I was shooting hundreds of rounds thru a particular gun in one setting that gun would get a solid cleaning. No doubt about it.

Guess what I'm saying is with rimfires or centerfires let common sense be your guide and use that rock sitting on your shoulders.
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