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Thanks for the replies, guys. I got started on my .45 ACP this morning before seeing the replies so I seated everything to 1.265" COAL. I'd imagine it would be a simple matter to seat them a bit deeper, but I'll try the plunk test on them before doing so. I was able to cycle through a full mag of my finished rounds by racking the slide, so that seemed OK.

Unfortunately I don't have any factory rounds left for comparison purposes, I guess it wouldn't hurt to buy a box as I need the brass anyway.

Took me a while to get the hang of things, but I'm having a lot of fun already. It's a really satisfying process although the proof will be when I shoot a few (probably tomorrow).

One other note, I have a Lyman Model 55 Powder Measure. Right out of the box I started dialing in 4.5 grains and it seems to be really inconsistent with Bullseye. It tends to throw +/- 0.2 grains most of the time, but I found that as I neared the end of my session it was up to nearly 5.0. I've got a Lyman digital scale that came with my kit and I don't know for sure if it's functioning 100% accurately because I don't have a beam scale to check it against.

Assuming the scale is correct, is there anything I can do to get better consistency out of the powder measure with Bullseye? My 9mm powder tolerances are lower and I don't want to have to weigh and trickle fill every round, I'd like to throw 10-15 between weight checks.

Thanks again, I'm really enjoying this new aspect of the hobby already
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