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A "first accurate hit" does nothing to prevent rounds coming the other way, unless it's a very accurate head shot right to the "walnut". Good luck with that.

Anything else means your opponent has from several seconds to several minutes to return fire or do you harm by some other means.

You might kill your opponent quicker while he's in the process of killing you slower in return, but that's not "survival".

Getting 10 excellent hits and seeing him go down first is all fine and good. Congratulations ... you "won the match"! But it says nothing about his one lucky shot to your brachial or femoral artery (not even in the A zone!). EMS will be there in 10-20 minutes. You'll bleed out and die in less than 2. No doubt your shooting buddies will laud your excellent skills. Your widow and orphaned kids might have a different perspective.

If survival is the goal, the first priority has to be not getting shot or stabbed. That should be your first job while trying to position yourself to employ weapons skills to end the fight or attack.

Just my opinion, of course ... but I think it makes sense.

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