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Wow! No LGS in middle america! Where are we going as a country?

That said, I see this attitude quite a bit. The key is to bond with those who are pro-freedom and apply subtle pressure to those who are not. It is the little things like talking about learning to shoot with 2-3. Then ask someone if they have shot before.

Then offer some free or free except ammo. Once you get them started, it is pretty easy to keep them going. This is how you win the group over and silence the sheep.

Another favorite is to discuss home invasions from the news. Just ask then their plan? It probably goes something like comply, hope they leave, bend over and kiss butt goodbye! Oh yea and call police if still alive. Then suggest your plan which might sound like dog barks, grab gun and light, tell intruders to leave, shoot any non-compliant. Ask which sounds better.
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