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Dude, you're in Austin. If you're not traveling to another state to go hunting then you're already overgunned. Deer in that part of the state are like cocker spaniels with antlers. A good friend of mine knocks 'em down reliably with a 30 carbine.
Even as you go up north for bigger game hunters find that a 250 gr 45 Colt at 1100 fps will go lengthwise through all but the biggest critters.
There's no need for anything larger than a 240 gr standard load.

Take that info from a guy with a 460 S&W, Super Redhawk in 454, and some blistering Colt loads that would beat that 29 to pieces.

When I go looking for piggies hear Hico, TX I take the 30 carbine and a 45 Colt with moderate loads.
All my big boomers are range toys and seldom go afield.
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