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So, you've personally seen a cougar on land you own? Cool. I think that would be an awesome experience.

Here's the latest chart of confirmed cougar sightings in the per the end of August. The 4 stars in the SW part of the state is of the cougar I posted about. Don't see any in Racine or Walworth county...maybe they just haven't gotten around to puttin' them on. Latest Cougar Sightings Map

I have lived here in the SW corner of the state for 58 years and there have been bears here my whole life. But like most parts of the state where they have always been, there are more of them.

Good luck deer hunting this season, maybe you'll get lucky and see that cougar again.
Actually it was one of the other guys that saw him. He made the long walk (alone) to his stand and heard growling very close by. He couldn't get in his stand quick enough! When he finally got in he looked and there was the huge cougar, not 20 feet away.

I don't really care to see one since if it's near there also won't be any deer nearby.

I've already had the big black alpha wolf chase a doe right by my stand. That's quite a sight!

...right up to the point that you're out alone, unarmed, at night, and see the reflection in their eyes 30 yards away.

It's no reason to kill them or even drive them out of the area, but it doesn't exactly give you 'warm fuzzies'.
My brother and I carry handguns when we go to work on our stands. I know all the tree lovers say "they'll run away" but I won't be surrounded by a pack of wolves (we ARE in the food chain) without being armed. Same with the cougar.
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