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Dillon RL 450

Have one, bought new years ago. It loads ammo slowly. Had a major problem with shell plates for bottle neck cartridges. The 223 shell plate is a different thickness at each station. The shoulder can be set back way to much on full lenght sizing, causing case separations. Always use a cartridge gage like L E Wilson to chech sizing. The press now needs a rebuild, so Dillon thinks, but it has always had a problem at the sizing station. When FL sizing 45 acp the case cant always find the die mouth, requiring hand positioning of the brass. Slop in the linkage from new, causes this, but an allignment pin can help. This adjusts the subplate. Newer modern dies have more of a flare on the FL carbide dies, helping alignment. Follow photo album link below for Dillon RL 450 pic album & info.
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