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Originally Posted by smokehouse4444

Suggestions for some really good rounds in 240gr that would be recommended over the H-Shoks? Primary use of this handgun is deer or boar.

Any 240gr SOLID/FLAT point (JSP) from one of the major makers, like Winchester, Remington or Federal - depending upon which may show better accuracy in YOUR revolver.

Actually, I've had pretty good results on smaller deer (100-lb-dressed class) with 180JSP's out of a handgun (8-3/8" M29)

JMO, HydroShocks have their place, but were meant as a man-stopper, and will most likely result in shallow wounding on the much tougher hog hide/muscle.

I experienced some of that wounding, back when the .444 Marlin was first introduced in the mid-60's.
The Remington 240gr factory loads were blowing up on the near shoulder of whittail deer I shot, letting them run off to a fair-thee-well.
It turned out that Remington (at the time) was simply "regifting" their existing .44 Mag JSP's, loading them in the .444 to save a buck (?).

I switched to a premium bullet (my start in handloading), which bullet was built stronger than the one meant for lighter use.

I guess the point of my ramble is that IMHO the H-S's too lightly built (AND built to expand too quickly), for the use/game you intend to hit it with.

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