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Lost on the ocean once, kinda confused in the woods a time or two.
The ocean incident was when I was a commercial salmon fisherman in Oregon. Had a 20' open dory. Back in the 80s there was no GPS, just radar and LORAN. I had no radar and one foggy day with about 50 yard visibility my LORAN decided to just quit. I knew how far off shore I was from my depth sounder, but had no idea how far north I had trolled from my home port. I headed south for a while but was worried about running out of gas so I shut down the engine and waited to hear another boat come by. Then I heard the home port whistle bouy and knew where I was. Kinda scary. More than kinda lucky. After that I spent a whole lot of time learning about navigating in the fog - mainly by over-navigating in clear weather. The same principle applies on dry land. Practice, practice, practice...Be careful out there, ya'll.
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