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Here is another way to look at it.

I shot a Bowling Pin match yesterday. People kept saying they needed to go to heavier, hotter bullets to get the pins off the table.

I disagree. I watched people do better with 38s with SWC bullets then heavy magnums.

Before you get the pin off the table, you have to hit it. Its a time event meaning you have to get the pins off faster then the next guy. Can't do that if you're recovering from recoil.

I use 357s but its out of my rather heavy 6" Model 27 N frame. After the last two pin matches I fired, I've decided to go to a load that was more in line with 38 +P velocities. Some of my loads go completely through the pins. That is not necessary, its wasted energy. I want my bullet to stay in the pin. Something has to give. With fast bullets its the bullet passing through. With lighter loads it will be the pin.

Plus with the lighter loads comes less recoil meaning faster shots. I can use the time switching between pins finding my front sight instead of finding the pin table.

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