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I experienced issues with both revolvers and semi autos. 99% of the time it was ammo or maintenance issues.
The only true firearm related malfunctions I have had were:

Browning Buckmark that the sight rail screws backed out a bit and it wouldn't fire. two drops of blue locktite and an allen wrench and i was back in business.

A smith 28 that the cylinder was a bit too tight, as it warmed up and the powder residue built up between the cylinder and forcing cone it would bind the cylinder up. A minor adjustment and better cleaning fixed it.

A Smith model 15 ejector rod backed out, it was a one minute fix.

A sig trailside broke a spring, and wouldn't fire. a $2 spring and five minutes and it was back running fine.

A HS hamden victor that constantly needed the magazine feed lips to be adjusted. I finally resigned to only shooting one kind of ammo out of it.

No firearm is 100%.
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