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25-06 velocity

I burned out the barrel of one of my .270 rifles so I re-barreled it to 25-06 with a 26 inch barrel. I'm aware that the most accurate load is not always the one with the greatest velocity but I was able to get a 1-inch group at 200 yards with my .270, using a 130gr Hornady SST going 3000 fps in a 24-inch barrel. So I figured it would be a breeze to get a 120gr .25-06 over 3000 fps out of a 26-inch tube.

H1000 produced the best group at 2700 fps. That gives me 1943 ft-lb of muzzle energy and it drops to 1129 at 300 yards. If I could duplicate that accuracy at 3000 fps my available energy would get me 1183 out to 400 yards if I ever needed it. I used IMR 4831, H4831, H414, H4350, Superformance, HybridV100 and Win 780, and I finally got to 2970 fps producing less than 1-inch at 100 yards. So I'm good to go, but I still cannot understand why I can't hit that "magic" goal of 3000 fps, esp out of a 26 inch barrel.

Any thoughts?
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