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Originally Posted by paradoxbox
I disagree with that analysis of time. I've seen folks draw and hit three targets with double taps in 2.5 seconds.

Maybe SOME people can do that, but I am talking about what most people can do. It just seems unlikely to me that some random junkie is going to have crazy wild west style fast-drawing and fast-shooting skills.

Of course anything is possible and we should train for many contingencies but in the case of Tom's scene the bad guy had no idea Tom was about to pull out a concealed weapon and fumbled just to get his gun out of his waistband or pocket.
Having the element of surprise and/or drop is the key according to my understanding, more than skill.

When you are faced with multiple shooters/opponents, skilled or unskilled, if you have the drop on your opponents(your gun is out and their is not) or the element of surprise like Vincent/Cruise did in the scene, odds are that you'll prevail over several opponents.

OTOH, if your opponents already had their guns out and were ready to use it and you had ZERO ELEMENT OF SURPRISE(they know you have the gun hidden and is about to draw), odds are that you won't prevail over several opponents.

Your brain (and that of your opponent(s)) has LAG TIME, whether you are skilled or unskilled.

If you have the drop on your opponent(s) and/or can surprise them, you can exploit that LAG TIME to your advantage if you already have a set course of action(shoot them).

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