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I spoke with Hornady tech folk about this, and their answer seem to work.

The retaining spring that keeps the cases in place as the shell plate rotates, is very likely overly tight.

Watch the case positions as you cycle the press, and you will probably see that instead of the cases sitting up with the heads flat on the base below the shell plate, they will be cocked at a slight angle which throws them into a position where they catch the edge of the die as you raise the ram.

I streached the spring a tad and that seemed to cure the situation.

Now, as to adjustment of the pawls. A tiny amount of adjustment goes a loooong ways! If you turn the adjustment screw a 1/4 turn, it is very likely you have gone MUCH TO FAR!!

Sounds like if you have broken some of the indexing pawls you may be over adjusting and for sure need a much softer touch on the operating handle.

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