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Originally Posted by paradoxbox
You can see an example of this drill at about 0:41 in this youtube clip:
That is different from the scene in which Vincent/Cruise shoots 2 briefcase thieves/robbers.

In the above YouTube video(shooter shooting multiple steel plates from one stationary position), you know the course of fire and you need to develop the appropriate rhythm(fast side way movement of your upper torso/shooting platform b/w shots, while recovering from recoil).

That is a DIFFERENT SKILL SET from the dynamic shooting scene in the movie Collateral when Vincent/Cruise shot 2 briefcase robbers.

Originally Posted by paradoxbox
You can see what I'm talking about at about 1:05 and again at about 1:51 in the following youtube clip:

BTW, in the beginning, when Cruise holstered his firearm behind the hip, he put his non-shooting hand on the shooting side of the hip and either swept his hand or came dangerously close to sweeping his hand with live firearm while holstering.

Also, I think he swept his leg when he drew and turned.

Not sure why Cruise held his non-firing hand over the gun during close in shooting or why he held the pistol toward sky/ceiling when moving b/w shots.

I think it's safer to hold the non-shooting hand close to your body during in close shooting.

When moving b/w shots, it's better to move with muzzle pointing toward the floor/ground(if you are surprised in close with muzzle up, you could be wrestling with your opponent grasping your shooting arm with both hands).

Originally Posted by paradoxbox
#1) During the briefcase robbery scene, Vincent slaps the gun arm of the would-be robber down then draws and fires on both assailants.
That scene would be this one, I presume:

This is more of an application of dynamic, close in shooting skill development training. Similar COF/training routine would be:
- push to the face and as you draw, step back and shoot
- step to the side and shoot
- draw as you step back at an oblique angle and shoot
- falling on your back, as if pushed by your opponent, and draw/shoot
- drop into squat/one leg kneel quickly from ground and shoot
- drop into rice paddy squat from a standing position and shoot

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