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No, you need to drink the Hoppes if you want to cure your addiction.

There are worse vices than the condition you have acquired. For one
thing, if you buy wisely your investment will be safe and likely increase
in value quite nicely. My mantra has been 1) Bore condition 2) Matching
bolt 3) Very good to excellent overall condition. That's a nice list of pieces
that you have obtained so far !

Seriously, on the Hoppes, the answer is definitely NO. You need to flush
the barrel out with water. Just plain old water. Find a funnel that you
can rig to where you can run warm water down the barrel. Then clean
as you would after any other ammo, with Hoppes, etc. Then the last patch
with a good gun oil and you are done. The corrosive priming leaves a
residue that is very water soluble, but not oil soluble. Hoppes is not water based.

Welcome to the club


P.S. If you love to shoot rifles, consider putting a Swiss K31 on your list


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