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While there is nothing like owning a true iconic Browning Hi Power, they are too expensive for me (new) and would require tons of research and inspection to acquire a used one (which is perfectly fine if you so desire).

I wound up going with an Arcus 94 which is very much aestectically like John Moses Browning's masterpiece but not even close to the origianl outside of looks (it will, however, accept Hi Power mags). The Arcus 98 is the new version of this (only difference I'm aware of is the 98 is DA). The Arcus 98 is the official sidearm of the Bulgarian police force and is now also the primary side-arm of the Iraqi Army via a huge contract.

While I adore my 92, I agree that there is nothing quite like a Hi Power.

Just my two pennies as they say .
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