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It could be a miscalculation - thinking that getting Terry's murderer is going to give Barrack Obama some kind of popularity boost.

I think it would be way smarter for the public to just not hear about Fast & Furious. If the fix was really in, and they wanted to help the current administration - then they would have stashed this guy until after the election.

I think this is just going to cause F&F to keep popping up on the front page every week as Terry's parents complain about the administration not doing enough to get the killer here and bring him to trial. When and if he does get here - if it's before November... then the news will come out about how he was working for _______ (fill in US agency of your choice). There will be a call by his defense lawyer to release any federal document that has the word fast or furious or gunwalking, gunrunning, or straw.

I don't see how this is good politically for Barrack Obama.
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