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1. BB/airsoft is a good training tool

2. ditto for laser targeting system

3. natural aim/POA/indexing/etc. depend on other factors to some degree, e.g., stance/weapon dependent.

If you switch from one handgun to another with different grip angle, you may shoot high or low compared to the gun that you're familiar with.

Also applies to long gun if angle/ergonomics of the weapon is such that it's different from the primary weapon that you are used to.

Also, if your stance/body orientation changes dramatically from how you practice.

E.g., if you are squatting or lying on your body sideways while you always practice standing straight up.

FWIW, ingraining the habit with one gun/one orientation is not that hard.

Just remember to practice S L O W and also, choose the most efficient muscle movement until your muscle memory is firmly ingrained/established.

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