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James K
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For totally disabled, only two, both revolvers. One was a Model 36 that broke its hammer stud. The other was a Colt OP whose hammer broke off at the thin point. I fixed both without a factory trip, but they were completely disabled. Nevertheless, I have had far more temporary failures from autos, failures to feed, and the like. But then I shoot collector guns and have some odd pistols, so if Langenhahn fails to eject, I don't consider it a disaster, as I would never use such a gun for serious purposes anyway. On the plus side are .45 autos; I logged a Norinco at 8500 rounds with no failures, and a 1943 Colt M1911A1 at about the same. (The Norinco was new; God only know how many had been through the Colt before I got it.)

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