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Three instances with handguns that I personally experienced that made them inoperable:

Had a piece of grit get under the extractor of a S&W 29 during a reload in a IDPA match that locked the cylinder up so tight that the trigger wouldn't move and it couldn't be opened. So much for that stage. Finally had to smack it open with a wooden mallet.

Had the original 2 piece barrel on a 70 series Colt .38 Super separate at the joint, lock up the gun and blow burning powder and particles of brass back in my face. Safety glasses are a good thing.

Had a Taurus 92 that one side of the locking block broke off and locked up the gun. Sent it back to the factory and they fixed it. Sold it soon after.

Had a friend firing some of my bowling pin loads (they were VERY stout loads) break the slide release on his 1911 and the whole slide came off.

Saw the slide come completely off some semi-auto during a Gunsite class and go downrange. Don't know why, seems like it was a SIG.

I've seen a lot of rifles in 3 gun matches locked up from the extractor jumping the groove or tearing through the rim, then double feeding. Gun is inoperable until you punch the empty out with a range rod or cleaning rod. I believe it's the humidity down here and chambers that are not chrome plated or stainless barrels. They get a little rust in the chamber and lock up the brass.

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