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Hello, everyone..interesting posts! I kind of chuckled when I first read about a rimless rimfire..But then I got to thinking...what if we could start with a clean sheet of drafting paper..and design a true rimless "rimfire"?
First thing would be to make it inside lubed..this would accomplish two things..get rid of that pesky "heel" that has been a stumbling block to accuracy from day 1, & provide a flat square case mouth to headspace on. to ignition...when Remington first came out with their electronic primers..the ETRONx..I kind of figured it would flop...However, at the time, I remember thinking..if their ever was a ctg. that would benifit from electric would be the .22 rimfire. The priming is the most critical element to accuracy & reliability in a rimfire..with electronic more concern about uniformity of brass hardness in rim area, or uniformity of compound spun in rim cavity. The pin wouldn't even need to dent the case...merely make firm contact.
Can we look forward to such a ctg.? probably not..but Skans idea has merit.
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