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RG440, the problem is that most people will quote the entire message they wish to reply to, and not edit the quoted material to include only that which are actually responding to.

The result, as I'm sure you've seen elsewhere, is a post that is 90% quotes and little (or very little) response.

To stop this behavior, we simply pulled the plug on the "Quote Reply" feature. TFL is really an adult board and we require thinking (well, as much as we can...).

The "Quick Reply" feature was discussed (amongst the staph) when it came up in a prior VB update and was discarded - it was never activated (except in PM's). As you may have noticed elsewhere, with the "Quick Reply" function, there is no incentive to read a thread before replying. Sure, people still will reply without reading the rest of the thread (where their question/comment may already be answered/commented), but it does seem to cut down on the never endless "me too's" or "+1's" (which we frown on anyway).
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