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That IS a nicel looking CZ. And the Burris has that Euro look that's appropriate as well.

Re Leupold. One hears these stories now and again, but it has not been my experience. I've got 8, a mix of Vari-X or Vari-X-II or FX models, acquired over 20 yrears or so, and never a problem. I hunt and shoot as much or more as the next guy. I've returned 2-3 for reticle changes (not repair!) and the work was done quick and the scope back in my hands pronto. My commo with Leupold, by phone or online was always positive.

I've told this before, but once more. A friend suffered a bad house fire (and more). All his scopes........but the Leupolds, were toast. The Leu's had cosmetic issues, but the story goes, you could hunt and shoot them if you wanted.

Fan here.
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