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Remmington Model 11

I have a Remmington model 11,but the serial number dosn't go along with what I have read about them.It is stamped Remmington Arms Co. on the top left side of the reciever.Along with the Browning pat. dates.The serial number stamped on the bottom of the reciever at the front and rear of the loading port is 848,.From everything I have read this should at least be a five digit number. The safty is in the trigger guard in front.The barrel isn't the original,and the butt plate has no markings. Has not been ground and restamped.Can anyone ID this serial number?? ( also the firing pen is rectangular,and the wood appears to be original ) The gun was giving to me several years ago,by a friend.He didn't want it because he said it had a problem recyling after the first shot.I just put it in the gun cabinet and forgot about it,then the other I got to looking for info on it and learned about the friction rings.I took it apart,and found the rings were not properly set.I set them for havey loads #4 buck,and it shots like a champ.I did sand the wood today getting the years of nicks and dings out,but have not restained as of yet. Anyway I'am curious about the 3 diget serial number.

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