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Yeah, I think you guys are pointing me in the right direction. I'll probably grab the glock 23 for the one handed operation for inside. However for outside, where distances increase, I may still lean toward the keltec just because it is a pain to hold the glock in one hand and the light in the other. In a pinch I could certainly use the keltec one handed, if you really think about it the handgun flashlight combo(which is necessary for me in the dark) IS a two handed operating procedure... Well, at that thought I just might have to get myself a S&W M&P15 and mount a surefire and a green laser I had a light mounted on my mossberg for a while but I was thinking about the 3 in magnum recoil and I tightened it HULK SMASH tight on the magazine tube. Don't know how it was possible but I had a hold up in the mag tube! Tap it and it released but if you loaded up all 7 in the tube and racked it twice the 2nd time it would react as if it were unloaded! Anyone have this happen??? I was pretty distressed
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