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Bullet choices. What to choose when choices are few?

I am presently cutting my teeth (feels more like chiselling) in reloading with 200gr plated bullets in .44 mag. They are truncated cone bullets and lack a cannelure which has caused me some grief in the crimping department. These are my range practice round.

I want to investigate a woods load. I'd use a supply of bullets to work up a good combination of powder, crimp etc, and then just keep a small stock of complete cartridges. Once in a while at the range, and then to keep a full cylinder when in the woods (bear or elk are by far the biggest animals, although seldom seen).

Here are my choices in order of cost, cheapest first:
300gr plated truncated cone, but no cannelure so hard to crimp and produced as a sports shooting bullet. Approx €75 for 500.

240gr FMJ (FPJ) from Prvi Partizan, but available locally. Probably a harder bullet than the plated one, but lighter. Still, ballistics from some companies show the 240gr can have more velocity and energy than a 300gr bullet. I don't think they have a cannelure.
Does that make crimp jacketed bullets a real pain?

240gr SJFP: same details as above. Soft point better or worse than the FMJ for this application? My gut says penetration over expansion for those animals, but I'm not 100% sure. Both these are €95 per 500, although bulk buy may give a discount and available through a shop.

300gr cast bullets from Midway. Most expensive by quite some margin, but do have a cannelure €125-165 per 500 depending on brand, exc shipping

For a while I was sure that 300gr were the best for the job and I'm curious to see what they feel lik out of my 4" barrel, but I hear a lot of good things about 240gr performance.

Which would you choose?
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