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natural POA
I call it my index but same thing. Practice till you can bring up your gun to the exact same place everytime and your mind will burn a neuropath so you will do int without thinking. Then just speed it up and in time you draw and hit a target in just one motion.

BTW, just got back from practice and this other guy who had a Russian 7.62 Nagant rifle had his .45 1911, made in the Philippines I think, not bad gun either. I had my Centennial .357 practice gun on and reloads. He was shocked one could draw and put three head shots at 5 yards one handed in about 3 seconds total, including draw, DAO (and actually it surprised me to but I didn't let on!)

But it was all because even if I can't see the sights, I bring the gun up to the same place AS IF I COULD SEE THE SIGHTS. Jeff Cooper wrote that once and I'll never forget it!

My index, or POA, is burned into me that well.

Savvy riflemen talk about getting a good cheakweld.... Same thing for them!

“To you who call yourselves ‘men of peace,’ I say, you are not safe without men of action by your side” Thucydides
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