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In the spirit of the original post...

I had the "firing pin retainer plate" crack and release the firing pin (back at me) once. That stopped everything. See #30 on the diagram here...

And I've also owned a... wait for it... a Ruger that failed as well. the ejector rod washer was split (#17)

So both guns locked up tight and were unusable until I replaced the $2.00 and $5.00 parts. Both still work fine - years later - and are "trust worthy".

I get a kick out these guys who will not "tolerate" any kind of failure at any time. I buy guns from these guys all the time for next to nothing and repair them for pennies and the keep them or flip them. I count on the "never tolerate failure" crowd to keep me in guns for cheap.

If you are planning on never having a failure and never having to deal with one; you have a bad plan.

Mechanical things break, count on it.

DOUGH! - I voted incorrectly for "semi auto" and should have voted for both.
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