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I would recomend putting tape over the safety. Those sub2k's have a nasty habit of looking disengaged but will have about 1.5 mm or so before they are truely are (reminds me of an old Qucksilver bb gun i had as a kid), and if you try to fire it won't work, or pratice making sure every time you handle it you firmly press it all the way to the right. I own one chambered in. 40 and it has eaten every type of ammo I've fed it without a single ftf (JHP, Ball, Hornady Critical defense, etc.) It shoots extremely dirty but is easy to clean, just make sure you don't pull the trigger with the buffer spring out (haven't done it myself but have heard several horror stories) also the only reason I didn't just glue the safety in the off position outright. Honestly I love my Kelly alot.

If you get the funds I would recomend trying one of the extended mags, just make sure to buy one from glock, not a knockoff (they are prone to jamming) but for the sake of adding a couple of inches to your rifle you effective double your ammo capacity before reloading. Plus they are just outright cool

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