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So far, I'm the only one who reported failures in both kinds of handguns.

The auto was a Sig P225. This has been a while and it only happened one. It literally had a "jam", presumably some sort of failure to feed. I was unable to get it working again at the range. I believe that's the only instance of a "jam" like that I ever had but it was inoperable at the time.

The revolver problems I had were both S&W N-frames. One, a Model 29, would become too difficult to rotate the cylinder after about one cylinder full of shooting. Obviously, it was fitted too tightly but it was not a new gun and had been worked on at some point. The other was a Model 28 that also tended to exhibit the same problem, but not so quickly as to be a serious problem.

I've had parts break or come loose on both revolvers and autos but in neither case did the gun become inoperable. Actually, I believe a revolver is more complicated than an automatic but the operation is a little simpler, generally speaking. Some automatics, though, especially Rugers, have a surprisingly large number of parts.
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