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Have You Had A Failure In Semi-Auto/Revolver That Made It Inoperable?

I have often read (with some amusement) that revolvers are simpler guns than semi-autos and that makes them more reliable. The truth is that there is a litlle more to a revolver than people think and that they can, and do, fail at times.

How many of you have had a failure with either that rendered the gun inoperable at the time? Nothing catastrophic like, "I loaded a cartridge too hot and it blew the top strap off of my Blackhawk" sort of stuff. Just something like a broken spring, extractor, etc. that made it inoperable for the moment but was fixable.

I wonder about this and how it affects people's choices for carry guns. I'm not looking for a revolvers vs. semi-autos arguement as I own and shoot both.
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