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They can always do it faster in the movies.

There are two basic ways of doing this. One is to draw and bring the gun up to the target, as you would from a low ready. The other is to bring the gun up out of the holster, about to where you would go into a retention position, then acquire the sight as you push the gun out toward the target- bring the front sight on target, then line up the sights as you push out. I find the latter works a little quicker for me, but everyone's different.

Whatever you do, do it smoothly. If you just bring the gun up/out fast, with a sudden stop at the end, that bounce at the end will make it more difficult to line up the sights.

When you practice, do it as slowly as you have to, and still get the hits. Get hits, THEN speed up. Take your time, but do it fast.

And you don't have to use up ammo, you can dry fire at home, too.
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