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M1903A4 replica range report

As you probably read previously, I built an 03A4 from an 03A3 barreled receiver that had been drilled and tapped already. I chased down all the rest of the parts this year and the rifle has been together about a month. It's a 1943 Remington action with a relieved Remington bolt. Everything is USGI except the forward band, the mount, rings, and scope which are all reproductions. I had my first chance to go to the range today.

Fortunately it took only 10 shoots to zero it in at 50 yards. The 10th shot was about a half bullet diameter to the right of perfect center.

At 100 yards I had less results at first. I think I turned the windage turret the wrong way at one point while trying to bring my POI to the left, and I lost zero. But by the end of the session I could hit a 2" target dot at 100 yards, which was success enough for my first outing with the rifle.

Quite pleased actually. Firstly- it didn't explode! Secondly- everything worked and worked well. lastly-probably as accurate as a vintage, legit 03A4 was when new, but this rifle isn't something I'm afraid to take out in sunlight

Only real downside would be the trigger- really not good. My 1944 M1 rifle's trigger is match-grade by comparison. It needs some rough edge or other stoned. I'll have to take a close look and see what's making the trigger stiff and draggy.

But- great day at the range today
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