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I agree with bbqncigars. You can determine if it's an indexing issue easily enough - if it's possible to rotate the shellplate very slightly by hand and feel it slip into the detents (and then the shell slides into the resizing die easily), then it's indexing and the pawl(s) need adjusting, but I doubt that's the problem. My LNL has the same problem with some calibers and dies and not others, which I also attribute to the amount of taper at the mouth of the resizing die. I've found that my RCBS dies are particularly difficult in this regard (great dies otherwise).

In my press, the problem appears related to the case retaining spring (on the outside of the shellplate) pressing on the case rim and tipping the case mouth out of alignment slightly. With the case mouth not directly below the die, it's easy for it to hang up when you raise the ram. You might try stretching the retaining spring slightly so it doesn't exert as much pressure on the case, but it would probably be a good idea to have a couple of spares on hand first - in fact, it's a good idea to have a couple spares of those springs anyway. When that doesn't work for me, I've found I've gotten pretty good at guiding the case with my fingers, but I can't say I like it.
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