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As I previously stated, no sense continuing a discussion with somebody who just insists that I am a liar.

But, to clarify the "suffering squirrel" situation: I did try to put it out of its misery. But I only got one more shot, with only its head visible, and had a clean miss when it moved just as I fired. This is a residential area, so opportunities for safe shots are severely limited. And the squirrel apparently learned real fast not to give me another shot (or to chew on my gutters).

What I learned from this was the using round-nosed pellets on squirrels is inhumane with this particular gun. With a .22 rimfire, round noses seem to work OK on squirrels. But, can't shoot those in my yard.

As for Buck killing squirrels with a "BB gun," now I am beginning to smell something. Rabbits and small birds are nowhere near as tough as squirrels. I would be real surprised it a typical BB gun would shoot clear through a squirrel.

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