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"Its better to be prepared and hope and pray to God you never need it than not have it when you actually do need it."

My brother, while in the Rangers, went through training that focused on fighting and defending with a knife. This was something one of his officers always said.

Here is something to think about. While you might not put yourself in dangerous situations while you're out and about. What if you were to ever come home to a break in? This happened to my family when I was little.

I won't go into details and to make a long story short, we were all out and my father, who had run into a friend, almost did not come home with us that night (I think there was a game on and he was gonna get a ride home with the friend). Well he didn't go (thank God), and when we were about to walk in, we realized the door was ajar, my dad was able to sneak up on the guy and restrain him via force. It had turned out the man had a gun, but never had a chance to try and use it.

I guess the point I'm trying to make is that as hard as you try to avoid dangerous situations, it is just not quite possible.

So after my little ramble. I myself carry everyday. If for some reason I feel like I really don't need it, I leave the big and heavy piece at home and throw my .380 in my front pocket.
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